Who Needs Glasses?

Apparently, I do.

Staring at a computer screen a minimum of 8 hours a day at least 5 days a week has wreaked havoc on my ability to see well. Let me rephrase, it has greatly impaired my ability to see any written word smaller than 3-inches high or positioned less than an arm’s length away, especially in low light situations.

See what I mean? (Pun definitely intended!) I am in serious need of some magnification for the old lady eyes I have developed.

To counteract the damage done by my glaring computerized companion, I have resorted to reading glasses during my 9 to 5.

And…as much as I hate it…I must now make use of them at the beginning and end of any dining out experience. I need them when ordering to ensure I am served something I prefer to eat. Or at least choose something that is actually on the menu. And they also are required when attempting to calculate a reward (aka, a tip) for my server at the end of my meal.

That is, unless I’m with someone with better vision, who I’m not ashamed to ask what my total charges equal.

Yeah…I’m lazy like that.

It can be a total pain in the backside to dig through my over-sized handbag in search of a pair of reading glasses when all I want to do is record a reasonable tip and scribble my name.  (Let’s skip over the suggestion to swap out my big purse for a more easy to navigate handbag, shall we?)

If that weren’t enough to prove how lazy I’ve become, get a load of this. Lately, I have been known to simply ask my server what the amount is. Fortunately, I have been served by honest people. If one was sly enough, I could totally be cheated out of an enormous tip should they inflate the price. I would never know the difference. Sad, but true.

All that is well and good. Glasses at work…not so bad. Specs at meal time…also not so bad.

However, there is one area where my lack of 20/20 vision is causing me to mutter more than my fair share of swear words as I grope about for a wayward pair of “cheaters”.


If you have ever tried to carry on a conversation with me via text, you will raise your hands in agreement that I suck at texting. But only because I can’t see a darn thing! I answer questions that are never asked. And I answer them in a language that doesn’t exist!

Given all men who I have encountered in the dating scene prefer text to talk, I’m sure I now know the reason I’m still single. When you add in the nightmares that can be caused by auto-correct, I bet I’ve left many a male scratching his head wondering what the crazy chick from Asheville is trying to say!!!

So what is a less than eagle-eyed girl to do?

Buy a new phone!

One with a REALLY big screen!

Meet my new best friend! The Samsung Galaxy Note II!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Texting is now easy peasy…

as long as you remove the auto-correct failure factor!

Anyone else using and loving this phone?


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      Sheryl…I don’t know how I missed your comment but I did. So sorry about that. I almost went the way of the iPhone but couldn’t quite go there. You see, my son is a computer genius. (Yes, I’m his mom and yes, I am biased but this is one I can back up with fact.)Most computer programming people aren’t fond of “i” anything. My son actually threatened to disown me if I bought an iPhone. I barely got away with buying an iPod. Ha!
      Lisa recently posted…Who Needs Glasses?My Profile

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    You and I are two peas lol !! My car was stolen in dec and my glasses were in it and I haven’t gone to the eye guy for new ones. Since im 40 something I’ve noticed my close up vision is nearly non- exhistant and it’s really a pain!!!
    Char recently posted…City Crafter #160My Profile

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      Oh. My. Word, Char! I am so sorry that I have to admit this but I LOL that your glasses went amiss due to your car being stolen. And here I was growling and grumbling because I simply can’t find mine in the nightmare of a mess that is my purse! Hope they caught the scoundrel that made off with your car! Love you girlfriend!
      Lisa recently posted…Who Needs Glasses?My Profile

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    I love your solution for texting…why bother with the glasses when you can just get a bigger phone. I’m getting really close to needing the glasses and I don’t want them. I had other people read my table numbers for me at bbc this weekend. They were too close for me to read.
    Just stopping by to say ‘hi’ and that I really enjoyed meeting you.
    Take care,
    KC @ The Real Thing with the Coake Family recently posted…Real Fun Features #14My Profile

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    Oh Em Gee Lisa,

    I am laughing my head off, this is totally me, I also wear readers to work on the computer all day as well I eat out a lot and it is insane when you can’t even see the bill, never mind when the lights are dim….CaRaaZy!! Texting…fogetaboutit!!
    Sadly, I think I might have to cave and get the dreaded bifocals…..yikes!!
    Happy Wednesday Sweetie!
    Peace and Hugs xOxO Nerina

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      Nerina, I actually own a pair of progressive lens. I got them roughly 3 years ago? I can’t remember for certain. I never could get used to them. I felt drunk and was literally stumbling all over the place trying to shift my focus back and forth between the varying magnification. I finally gave up and just use my readers. Of course I can be a total lame-o. I’m sure you will do just fine. Thanks for stopping by! Happy almost-Thursday to you dear lady!!!
      Lisa recently posted…Who Needs Glasses?My Profile

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    I know what you mean! I am 50 now and can’t understand why I can’t see menus anymore as well as trying to see the numbers when I want to add on a tip. I’ve resorted to getting out a magnifying glass to read fine print at home. But your phone looks like a lifesaver to me! But I was wondering…do they make contacts for this problem or are glasses the only solution?

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      Hi Kathy! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I tried to reply immediately after but I have been having wicked internet issues. Yes, I LOVE my new phone. I’m not so sure about the contacts. My issue is totally due to overuse. I stare at a computer screen (actually two) every week day for almost 9 hours. That will definitely take a toll on the ol’ eyes.

      Thanks again for visiting! Hope you will stop by again soon!
      Lisa recently posted…Monday Morning PrayerMy Profile

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